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About Us

Improve Decisions / Impact Relationships / Transform Businesses

Values & Principles

Value Creation and Client Relationships by focusing on adding value to our clients’ businesses and building powerful relationships.

Integrity and Ethical Behaviour by operating in a manner that is honest, loyal, fair, reliable and professional.

Leadership by being visionary and strategic in our business, investing in individual development and providing recognition, encouragement and direction.

Collaboration and Teamwork by adopting a collaborative team approach with all stakeholders to deliver excellence in all that we do.

Innovation and Creativity by being passionate about creativity, inspiring positive change and continually challenging conventional thinking.

Safety and the Environment by conducting our business with a commitment to working safely, taking care of others and preserving the environment.

Sustainability by ensuring that best business practices and triple bottom line outcomes are inherent in our products and services.


Mercor consultants are skilled facilitators able to assist teams and decision makers to make the right business decisions. We have significant corporate experience; however the real strength we bring is our team.

Our consultants have taken key roles in executive development programs in major organisations, e.g. in 2012 we assisted a key client to manage through some major regulatory issues, to regain its performance and delivery focus for their business. As part of this work we developed and implemented executive dashboards to monitor key performance indicators.