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Collaboration & Teamwork

Improve Decisions / Impact Relationships / Transform Businesses

Collaboration & Teamwork

All businesses rely on human dynamics to get work done. Improving the collaboration and teamwork within your organisation or for a specific project will lead to improved results and morale.

Collaboration is a structured, recursive process where two or more people work together toward a common goal whereas teamwork occurs when people need to work closely together to achieve a joint outcome. Team effectiveness is strongly dependent on the team leader. The effectiveness of collaboration is dependent on the willingness of the collaborating parties to engage and commit to delivering their inputs.

There are many factors contributing to the success or otherwise of collaboration and teamwork within organisations and on projects. Mercor Consulting Collaboration and Teamwork engages with your organisation to resolve issues and transition organisational culture to higher levels of effectiveness through enhanced collaboration and teamwork.

Service Categories

  • Organisation, People & Capability Development
  • Individual Coaching & Mentoring
  • Relationship Contracting Development and Facilitation
  • Alliance Development & Facilitation
  • Team Performance Coaching
  • Workshop & Group Facilitation