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Operational Effectiveness

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Operational Effectiveness

Business success requires both the right strategy and operational effectiveness. Enhancing operational effectiveness in our modern business environment is essential in order to succeed and remain competitive. There are four areas to operational effectiveness; leading and controlling functional performance; measuring and improving the process; leveraging and automating process and continuously improving performance. Every business must address these four areas to maximise the use of its inputs, to enable, for example, the development of products at a faster pace than competitors or reduce defects.

Mercor Consulting Operational Effectiveness engages Six Sigma, business excellence philosophies and other practices to increase the effectiveness of your operations, enabling you to compete more effectively and improve bottom line performance. We work with you to solve business problems and bottlenecks in order to drive performance and unlock shareholder value.

Service Categories

  • Business Excellence
  • Business Improvement
  • Organisational Strengthening
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  • Conflict Resolution